Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Less is more - January

Hi all!

One of my resolutions for this year was to buy less stuff and I promised to report everything I buy, in here. Well not everything, such as food and stuff, but like other items I buy, such as clothes etc. The aim was that then maybe I would consider if I really need the item, when I know that I have to report about it to you all. In addition, I would think about the ethical aspects of the item, a bit at least. Not that I haven't been doing that already but just to give it more thought. So here are the things I bought in January (sorry I didn't report earlier, left my charger for my camera in Finland and had to wait for my parents to send it to me... plus I've been a bit busy here... skiing mainly... you know :D):


Quite a lot of mountain stuff, huh? Hiking shoes i had to buy since my previous ones lost their bottom half in Norway last spring. Heheh. But they served me for almost 20 years. It was their time to go. Then there is some safety gear that I nowadays carry in my backpack every day. Must have stuff in here!! Safety first! Although, I know that the transceiver I got is not the best one... I chose the cheap one... But, my main aim is to avoid going to places that are too risky, get to know snow and how it acts, conditions, terrain and all, so that I would never have to actually use that one. Which is why I've done a snow safety course in Finland, Ylläs, already last year and have refreshed my skills in here. I also took a brief glacier course, so that I would know how to use all ropes and stuff that people carry with them when going to glacier and places where there's a risk of falling to holes and stuff. Trying to gather knowledge at first and be wise, you know.

Mountains of Chamonix

I had to add my ski boot insoles in this pile (even though I think that I actually bought them already in December) because (and this in not a paid add) they're just wonderful. And my boots are also so wonderful now after letting the guys at Sole bootlab fix em for me. I think that those insoles and all the other fixing increased the lifetime of my ski boots until almost forever. If you ever come to Chamonix and have any problems with your ski boots, I would recommend their services. Happy feet = happy skiing <3 (believe me, my boots were hurting like hell before this)

Then some things to keep me warm: silk gloves (LOVE em!!) and a light jacket that goes underneath the top coat (well maybe this was not completely necessary since I've got two already but both of em are a bit thicker!!). This is primaloft instead of real feathers. Because I started thinking about where they get the feathers. Does it hurt the birds? Plus I heard that synthetic would be better for active sports (usually I try to avoid synthetics, especially in the base layer, because I just start to stink in something made of polyester or similar. It's weird, I know...). I chose Patagonia simply because I've been affected by their environmental friendly marketing. Then yet another beanie... But this was a gift from an event I attented: MTN girls academy organised a little mountain safety course and gave out those Ledrapo beanies as a gift. It was a nice day, if you girls are interested in skiing and learning mountain safety with other women, check out their FB page.

Didn't buy too much unnecessary stuff in January, right??

I'm happy with my start but I'm afraid that February got out of control already. Stay tuned...


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