Thursday, March 9, 2017

How I got addicted to powder

Hi all!

Greetings from Chamonix! I haven't been writing any blog posts in a while. There's a reason: I've been busy skiing. And no, I haven't done much anything else. Pretty much mainly just skiing. But still I feel like I haven't done enough of it.

Today I'm feeling a bit sick. Again. My nose is running and head hurts. This is already third time after coming here. Not sure whether it's because of the pollution here in the valley, which is a serious problem btw (please all my Finnish friends, stop buying Spanish tomatoes etc. I heard that the trucks travel through here and the traffic is a big part of the pollution problem), or whether it's just because I'm not sleeping enough.

When I was doing my PhD, my working hours were around 10-18 (plus evenings at home). I just couldn't get up earlier. And went to bed too late. In here, however, I go to bed still way too late but somehow the hunger for good snow is enough to get me up much earlier than in Finland. Even if it wasn't a powder day, I feel like I have to go there and do enough of laps to get my legs in shape so that I will be able to push it on those powder days. Because of this, I'm sleeping much less and I can totally feel it...

So yes, I would call my passion for skiing now as an addiction. I get frustrated if I don't get there early enough or if I don't get enough skiing per day. If I stay home and try to do my work at the computer, I just think of skiing and become unhappy because I'm not there at the mountains. I mean like I get depressed even. I can't concentrate at all. I've also neglected my yoga practise, too much. My teachers in here have noticed it and are asking where I've been and I had to admit to one of them that in addition to being sick last time maybe I've been skiing a bit too much, him answering that "that's another kind of disease". I agree.

I have to admit that my mind goes already: next season I know already so much more and know the places etc...

I do also spend maybe like 80% more time in the bars than what I did in Finland. Although now it's just mainly going to after ski. I don't really go there because I would like a glass of wine (which I take anyways). I go there mainly to meet the people I already know from here and hear where they've been skiing that day. I go there for the stories and company, which I admit is nice.

For those of you that read my blog because of the Tinder stories etc. Yes, I've downloaded Tinder in here. But haven't had enough of time (or interest) to go on a single date! Seems that the strive for skiing is strong enough to even keep me away from Tinder, which is quite amazing. And well, to be honest, unlike in Finland where no-one approaches outside of Tinder or without being shitfaced drunk, I might not even need Tinder in here.

My dogs look like little mountain trolls because I haven't had enough time to trim them well. Obviously also because my trimmer is still back in Finland. They, as well, love the powder days!! We go behind the Aguille du Midi lift station and I throw snow balls. They go absolute nuts and just dive into the big piles of snow while trying to catch the balls.

Thus, today I'm taking a day off because I'm trying to be wise enough and not ski when feeling sick. Obviously my body is telling me to relax. And to eat smoothie bowls. I do try to have a couple of days off per week and to do work (or apply for it). Not sure how much good this ski bum life does to my career but I've been telling myself that since I haven't had the chance to build a family, one might enjoy life in other ways, right?! Therefore, it feels extremely difficult to concentrate on work right now.

When you would just want to go there, to the mountains, and feel free.

-Mari - recovering overachiever, currently enjoying life

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